Are Monochrome Designs Good For Your Childs Early Development?

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When choosing furniture and accessories for your home there are a number of factors to be considered… 

How big is it?

Will this suit my living room?

Will there be space in my kid’s room?

Where will it go when it's not in use?

Perhaps most importantly, and most overlooked, will this benefit my child? 

Studies have shown that from birth until 3 months, new-born babies see largely in shades of black, grey and white. According to the Dr Sears Wellness Institute, a monochrome nursery of high contrast black and white shapes and patterns send the strongest visual signals to a baby’s brain. They go on to state that with these stronger signals, increased brain growth and faster visual development can be expected from your child. The power of monochrome design is not to be overlooked, with this simple style choice boosting attention span, curiosity, improved memory and nervous system development. Wow!

In fact, it doesn’t stop there, from ages 3 – 6 months the inclusion of colour becomes an ever more important factor. By this time babies are able to see colour, even having the preference of bright primary colours for stimulation. The beauty of a monochrome décor is the ease in which you can add pops of colour, without ruining the aesthetic. Monochrome décor works brilliantly with subtle additions of colour, like co-ordinated kid’s toys or books for example. Next time you’re shopping around for accessories for your home, think about the effect that well-styled colour combination could have on your little ones.

And what’s great is even once your child has grown past these formative stages and you will want to start introducing even more colour, you have a great base to start with. Once you have coupled the monochromatic design with a carefully chosen, bright colour you can start to build around these colours and create an even more vibrant environment for your kids. From 6 months onwards children begin to associate and understand colours better, and by the time they’re 18 months old, they will even be able to differentiate colours from one another.

It’s clear that a monochrome design is not only a fashion statement but something that can help in your child’s development. How can you furnish your home for the benefit of your child? Maybe now the first question you ask yourself will be “will this help with my child’s development?”.

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